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Fun fact: I’ve interviewed eight of 12 Canadian Astronauts, including Chris Hadfield four times, and Bob Thirsk while he was in space. I’ve met Roberta Bondar and shared a drink with her, but can’t technically call that an interview.

Check out below for a small selection of the work I’ve done.

Hunting for WWII Planes

My grandfather was a fighter in the Polish Air Force in WWII. He flew 71 missions with the 307 squadron, and made it through every single one, unscathed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the norm. Thousands of airmen went down during the war, and most of them were never found. The Planehunters are a group in Belgium who, 70 years later, are… Read more →

Back in the day – K’nex Bridge

This was one of my first field shoots for Daily Planet, from back in 2008. It was so much fun, and I’m so glad to hear through the grapevine that Andrew got a ton of recognition for this at his University, especially among his engineering professors! I’d give him an A+ for sure.

Coma Lab

This story will stick with me for a long time. Dr. Steven Laureys studies coma patients at his hospital in Liege, Belgium, looking for any signs of consciousness, to see if they’re actually awake, but “locked in” to their body. It’s a nightmare situation, and he’s one of the few in the world trying to find a solution. When Adrian,… Read more →

The Centrifury

A homemade backyard centrifuge, turned into a game where you could challenge your friends — how could I say no?  This wasn’t my first venture into a narration-free piece, but I think it was the most successful. The fantastic inventor trio Steve, Justin, and Alex talked so much that I didn’t want to add a fourth voice in the mix.… Read more →

Canada’s Nuclear Attack Experts

Here’s a one-minute cutdown for the 6 minute version of my story with Health Canada and their team who are at the ready for whenever a Nuclear Attack happens in the true north strong and free. (Luckily, it’s never happened here before, and hopefully they’ll never be needed.)

Scorpion Jet

It was an honour to be the first media allowed in to see the Scorpion jet. It’s a brand new tactical jet being built by Cessna, at a fraction of the cost of an F18, which makes it even more amazing that we got to see it fly. You’ll have to click through for this one, but it’s worth it.… Read more →

Tough Astronauts

It’s rare that you hear my voice on a final piece – typically, we edit and prepare a segment with my voice, and then the hosts replace it with their dulcet tones in post audio. But for this one, it was just going straight to web, so I kept my original voiceover. And as a bonus, you can hear me asking a question at the end, although that’s in my real human voice, not my voiceover voice.