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Fun fact: one of my biggest personal victories was getting an engineer to step away from President Obama to give me an interview. He was one of the head designers of the capsule that rescued 33 Chilean miners stuck underground for 69 days in 2010. I had spoken with him the day before, not knowing he’d be hanging out with Barack when I called him in for the interview. This was all over the phone, so I didn’t even realize it until I heard him saying “Excuse me Mr. President” before popping on the line. It’s not every day you get to say you bumped the president!

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Super, Natural

With the smashing success of Great Lakes Wild, I’ve been asked to come back to do another “Wild” series – this time, Rocky Mountain Wild. Only, we can’t call it that because there’s already a company called Rocky Mountain Wild. While we deal with trying to sort that out, we’re still hitting the ground running – with lots of footage… Read more →

Great Lakes, here I come!

The contracts are signed, so I can talk about it now – I’ll be producing 10 half hour episodes on the animals of the Great Lakes with WhistleStop Productions. I’m thinking of it as being like Planet Earth, but with a lower budget, and on the Great Lakes. I’m really looking forward to it, it should be interesting, although the… Read more →

Red Bull Kiteboard

I normally shy away from selling my soul, but I do love what Red Bull does with its athletes. Constantly pushing them to the extremes, and launching insane competitions so they can show off their skills. Plus, unlike other sports beverages, when they sponsor something, they don’t entirely smack you in the face with reminders of who’s footing the bill.

Another reason they’re awesome is that they often provide footage of their events free of charge, and for a show like Daily Planet, that means we can get great content and stretch a dollar at the same time. I put together this feature on Ontario’s own Sam Medysky, the Canadian National Champion of kiteboarding, at the Red Bull King of the Air competition. The promo is above, and you can check out the story here:¬†Red Bull Kiteboard

On the receiving end of SXSW

This week we’ve had a crew at SXSW in Austin, filming stories with all of the cool tech they have there, and I’ve been on the receiving end, getting the feeds and putting the content together so that it can air same day. Most people think of SXSW as a music festival, but it’s also a home to a lot of great startups using cool tech. ¬†Remember, that’s where Twitter was first launched. And while they’ve had some big misses – anyone remember the Homeless Hotspot fiasco? – it’s definitely a place to watch to see where tech is heading.

This year, we’ve featured everything from an interview with Shaq to a real-life Mario Kart game. You can check out the big stuff at their website, and the smaller bits we put to YouTube, like this cool electronic lego called Little Bits.

We’ve got a website!

I’m slowly teaching myself how to navigate the world of coding and CSS again. A lot has changed since my days customizing my Livejournal in University (when I wasn’t, you know, spending my time writing papers). Please let me know if you find any bugs, or anything at all that seems out of place. I’m slowly getting to everything, but… Read more →