Hunting for WWII Planes

My grandfather was a fighter in the Polish Air Force in WWII. He flew 71 missions with the 307 squadron, and made it through every single one, unscathed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the norm. Thousands of airmen went down during the war, and most of them were never found. The Planehunters are a group in Belgium who, 70 years later, are finding them. And I got to join them on a mission.

Benny and Thijs (pronounced Taij) go around and dig up plane wrecks from World War 2, sometimes solving incredible mysteries. On the day we were there, they had heard stories of a Lancaster bomber going down near a farmer’s field back in 1944. The assumption was that it had dropped all its bombs before crashing into the ground. But after our dig, we learned that just wasn’t the case. Amazing what you can learn 70 years later.


Here’s the story. It’s still one of my favourites.

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