On the receiving end of SXSW

This week we’ve had a crew at SXSW in Austin, filming stories with all of the cool tech they have there, and I’ve been on the receiving end, getting the feeds and putting the content together so that it can air same day. Most people think of SXSW as a music festival, but it’s also a home to a lot of great startups using cool tech. ┬áRemember, that’s where Twitter was first launched. And while they’ve had some big misses – anyone remember the Homeless Hotspot fiasco? – it’s definitely a place to watch to see where tech is heading.

This year, we’ve featured everything from an interview with Shaq to a real-life Mario Kart game. You can check out the big stuff at their website, and the smaller bits we put to YouTube, like this cool electronic lego called Little Bits.

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